14 - 17 Septiembre

Can you imagine becoming an additive manufacturing expert in just 6 sessions?

HP 3D Printing offers you in Equiplast and free of charge the "Intensive HP 3D Printing Course". Follow us live from the Equiplast show. Immerse yourself in 6 sessions in the world of possibilities offered by Multi Jet Fusion technology: introduction to technology, materials, design optimization, post-treatment… Are you going to miss it?


Course # 1 - TECHNOLOGY

How does HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology work?

14 September | 15:00h - 16:00h

Since its arrival in additive manufacturing, HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology has been adopted by multiple industries due to its variety of materials, mechanical capabilities, and production volume. In the first Workshop we will address: HP Multi Jet Fusion technology from the first step to obtaining the final part. We will get up close and personal with the HP Jet Fusion 5200 series industrial 3D printing solution developed for high-volume part production. We will explore the HP Jet Fusion 500 Series 3D Printers as the entry-level model to Multi Jet Fusion technology with the ability to print in full color. You will discover what is inside an HP Jet Fusion printer and you will have a deep understanding of the manufacturing process.


Course # 2 - MATERIALS

HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology Materials: What Can I Make?

15 September | 10:30h - 11:30h

Wide range of materials that allows the development of pieces with multiple possibilities, new color functionalities, mechanical properties, finishes, etc. In the second Workshop we will show you: The range of existing materials in HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. Live experience of parts made with different materials and their possibilities. Comparison of technical and mechanical possibilities of materials in the HP Jet Fusion 3D printer.



15 September | 15:00h - 16:00h

We will connect live with the HP 3D Printing Center of Excellence in Barcelona and visit both the laboratory where we have our HP Jet Fusion 5200 Solution and the room of success stories of our clients from industries such as automotive, robotics, medical, goods consumer and parts manufacturers. In this session we will understand how additive manufacturing improves manufacturing processes throughout the entire product life cycle.


Course # 4 - DESIGN

Optimized design with Multi Jet Fusion technology

16 September | 10:30h - 11:30h

Design in additive manufacturing is a key step to save on material consumption and be more sustainable, in addition to providing extraordinary new functionalities to parts. It is also one of the initial phases that companies adopt to exploit and expand the benefits of 3D technologies. In the fourth Workshop we will address: The design possibilities with Multi Jet Fusion technology. Choice of materials when thinking about design. Transformation of a part to improve it through additive manufacturing. We will discover examples of 5 success stories of design optimization in different pieces.



The finishing touch for a perfect piece

16 September | 15:00h - 16:00h

Having our part printed in 3D does not mean that our entire process is over. Depending on the needs of the piece or its future use, we must resort to different techniques that will give our piece the finish we need. In the fifth Workshop we will talk about: Post-treatment available for parts made with HP technology. The importance of cleaning the parts. Various examples of finished parts.


Course # 6 - INDUSTRIES

Industries in additive manufacturing

17 September | 10:30h - 11:30h

Multiple industries have already begun adopting additive manufacturing technologies, enabling custom fabrications, cost savings, and production times. To learn more about the possibilities that each of the industries has, in the last Workshop we will address: The adoption of additive manufacturing technologies in multiple industries:

· Mobility and Transportation
· Health Sector
· Industrial sector
· Consumer goods and electronics