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IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions


IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions


IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions


IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions




Smart Chemistry Smart Future


Cooperation & Innovation Lab



Smart Chemistry Smart Future


Cooperation & Innovation Lab

IN(3D)USTRY – From Needs to Solutions

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2 - 6 October
Monday to Thursday:
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7 Friday July 2017

The European Res Urbis project aims to obtain bioplastics from organic waste

Res Urbis

More than 300 million people live in urban areas in Europe, and each individual produces an average of 3 kilos of organic waste every month.

7 Friday July 2017

From surfboards to food packaging: bioplastics are expanding

bioplastics are expanding

The expansion of bioplastics is unstoppable. So far they just represent about one percent of the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced worldwide annually. .

7 Friday July 2017

Interview with Gerald Rebitzer

Gerald Rebitzer

Gerald Rebitzer: "There is still a lack of cooperation in the plastics value chain"

7 Friday July 2017

Interview with Steven Burns

Steven Burns

Steven Burns: "Our technology is producing 99% pure feedstocks that create more value for everybody in the supply chain"

23 Friday June 2017

Entrevista al director comercial de Centrotécnica-Aoki

Águstín Durán

Águstín Durán: "El sector está evolucionando hacia la especialización y la fabricación de productos técnicos de mayor valor añadido"

21 Wednesday June 2017

La química del futuro

La química del futuro

Desde plásticos capaces de biodegradarse en el agua en pocas semanas hasta hierro microencapsulado para alimentos. Todos estos avances estarán en Expoquimia.

6 Tuesday June 2017

Entrevista al consejero delegado y director técnico de Itoplas

Rafa Itoplas

Rafael Berengena: "Nos hemos convertido en Artesanos del Plástico"

29 Monday May 2017

Entrevista al consejero delegado de Guzmán Global y nieto del fundador de la compañía

Fidel Garcia Guzman

Fidel García-Guzmán García: "El mercado ibérico del plástico está creciendo"

23 Thursday March 2017

The best ice-repellent coating invented so far

Glazed frost, is a smooth, transparent and homogeneous ice coating occurring when freezing rain hits a surface. Its effects can be seen in plants but also in Power lines, cars windshields, and aircrafts wings.

23 Thursday March 2017

Elena Ibáñez: "Foodomics is one of the ways towards personalised nutrition"

Elena Ibañez is a Research Professor at the Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL-CSIC) in Madrid. Her activity includes the development of environmentally clean processes and foodomics, an innovative discipline that studies food and nutrition to improve our health.

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