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9 Thursday March 2017

Interview with the president of Equiplast, the International Plastics and Rubber Event

The general manager of the Roegele Group, Bernd Roegele, has been the president of the organising committee of Equiplast since the last edition in 2014. The group he manages was founded in 1963 by Helmut Roegele, since when it has been a leading light in the distribution of machinery for transforming plastics.

3 Friday February 2017

Barcelona Industry 4.0 Week reúne relevantes eventos industriales, en el recinto Fira Gran Via, convirtiendo a Barcelona en capital de la innovación industrial.

El próximo otoño Fira de Barcelona se convertirá en una de las mayores plataformas feriales mundiales para la industria, tanto en el ámbito comercial como del conocimiento.

3 Friday February 2017

Pilar Navarro: "En Equiplast, las demostraciones de maquinaria y proceso tomarán el recinto de Gran Via" El recinto de Gran Via acoge la 18ª edición de Equiplast

El recinto de Gran Via acoge la 18ª edición de Equiplast, el Encuentro Internacional del Plástico y el Caucho. La directora del certamen, Pilar Navarro, explica cuáles son las principales novedades y los objetivos de la edición que tendrá lugar del 2 al 6 de octubre próximos.

26 Thursday January 2017

Lourdes Ramos: "Miniaturization is a key factor for a greener chemistry"

Lourdes Ramos is a Scientific Researcher at the Department of Instrumental Analysis and Environmental Chemistry, in the Institute of Organic Chemistry (CSIC, Madrid, Spain). Expert in miniaturization of analytical methods, her team has even patented new instrumentation in this field. She has been recently included in the first all-women Power List by the Analytical Scientist magazine as one of the 50 most influential women in the analytical sciences worldwide.

26 Thursday January 2017

‘Cleverscope': a plastic adapter and a smartphone get a low-cost video-laryngoscope

Direct laryngoscopy allows seeing the local cords and leading the tube to the right place, but its margin of error, depending on the patients physical characteristics, might get over 20% and develop complications. The event is unforeseen and only shows at the moment of the intubation. Video-laryngoscopes are the most effective solution in these cases, but its high cost limits their use and they are not present in all operation rooms.

26 Thursday January 2017

New treatment seeks to reduce wastewater from petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry consumes a great deal of water and it generates an estimated volume of 1,750 million m3 of wastewater a year only in Europe. Now a new and ambitious project, LIFE-REWATCH, is seeking to validate an innovative reclamation system for wastewater from the petrochemical industry to obtain high-quality water for reuse in the same industry.

26 Thursday January 2017

Breakthrough in Nitrate-polluted Water Treatment

The first world electro-denitrification plant to supply drinking water to a municipality is expected to start operating in the small village of Borrassà (province of Girona, Spain) in February 2017. This initiative is carried out by Hydrokemós, a spin-from the Chemical Institute of Sarrià, one of the most important science educational institutions in Barcelona.

26 Thursday January 2017

A whitepaper on Solar-Driven Chemistry for a sustainable future

Driving chemical reactions using solar energy is not just possible, but also necessary for a sustainable future. That is the main conclusion of a recently published whitepaper on Solar-Driven Chemistry published by the European Association of Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) after a series of presentations and brainstorming workshops held in Berlin in October 2015 with participant experts from all over Europe.

25 Wednesday January 2017

Plastic manufacturing: a revolution ahead?

A new technology could drastically reduce the costs and carbon emissions in the manufacturing of the world's plastics supplies

24 Thursday November 2016

Pilar Navarro: "Las innovaciones en proceso productivo es la gran apuesta de Equiplast 2017″

Del 2 al 6 de octubre de 2017, el recinto de Gran Via acoge la 18ª edición de Equiplast, el Encuentro Internacional del Plástico y el Caucho. La directora del certamen, Pilar Navarro, explica en esta entrevista cuáles son las principales novedades y los objetivos de la edición que tendrá lugar en octubre del año que viene.


The 18th Expoquimia, Fira de Barcelona's International Chemistry Show, which will held from the 2nd to the 6th of October 2017, will host the tenth World Congress of Chemical Engineering. With the theme "Chemical Engineering in a global world: a tool for cooperation and development".

The congress will cover a wide range of topics from the development of new products and processes, the integral management of resources and health to energy and bioengineering. WCCE is held every four years.

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