A different way of receiving knowledge, transfer and business

Discover the guided tours that will take place at EXPOQUIMIA - EQUIPLAST - EUROSURFAS led by the main experts in the sector.

Key Strategic Routes


Digitalisation Route

The main innovations in offering digitalisation solutions for all the industries in which it can be applied will be revealed.


Circular Economy Route

Circularity is demonstrated by finding solutions, and this guided tour will provide a walk through the most innovative players in the field offering products and services which can be implemented immediately.


Technology Transfer Route

Each and every one of the activities at fairs are designed to ensure that industry and action can join forces and establish cooperative ties. This route aims to respond to the challenges of the sector in a full and real way.

Routes by Sectors

From one professional to another

Renewable Energy

A route for manufacturers of components for the renewable energy sector who are seeking solutions for sustainable industry, construction and transport.

Cosmetics Sector

The leaders of the value chain will offer their latest innovations to the professionals in this sector. Instrumental analysis, quality control, mixers, thickeners, dispensers and all the new features in the sector made available to optimise production.

Pharmaceutical Sector 

The regulatory field applied to galenic and mass production will present its solutions in this route. CMO, CRO, innovators and producers will be able to walk through the latest developments in the sector led by the leading experts in the sector.

Food Sector 

Molecular gastronomy, additives, flavourings and various solutions for preparations will be on display, featuring the innovations of the fairs' exhibitors. We move on to the exhibition area with the associations that will guide this scientific-technical adventure step by step.

Car Sector 

An innovative sector and an applicator of technology in the search for tangible solutions. Batteries, electric cars and other challenges of the sector will feature among the solutions presented by the main exhibitors. A specific circuit conducted by the sector representatives.

Construction Materials Sector 

The scientific and technical revolution is leading construction material manufacturers to the search for new solutions based on the discovery of new materials, quality control and instrumental analysis solutions, as well as additives and basic chemical products that will make up today's sustainable solutions within this sector. A journey made by professionals for professionals.