The plastics and composites transformers trade show



Transplast, the Transformers trade show, is the area specialized in the transformation of plastics at EQUIPLAST 2021


Transplast Exhibitor

It is a transformer of plastics, rubber or composites, a mold maker who works for third parties, who wants to show their capabilities and who performs conventional and multimaterial injection processes, extrusion, blowing, rotational molding, thermoforming, compression, pultrusion, infusion, RTM, foaming of polyurethanes, ultrasonic, vibration and laser welding, painting, IML or IMD decoration, thermo-engraving, chrome plating, screen printing, offset or semi-finished assembly.

Transplast Visitor

They are all those companies that need to subcontract the manufacture of parts to provide their client with sets or subsets of parts for very different sectors and the manufacturer of products that are made with any of the processes and materials exposed, who also want to meet new potential suppliers and update the knowledge of the technologies available by the exhibitors.


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