23 viernes junio 2017

Entrevista al director comercial de Centrotécnica-Aoki

Águstín Durán

Águstín Durán: "El sector está evolucionando hacia la especialización y la fabricación de productos técnicos de mayor valor añadido"

21 miércoles junio 2017

La química del futuro

La química del futuro

Desde plásticos capaces de biodegradarse en el agua en pocas semanas hasta hierro microencapsulado para alimentos. Todos estos avances estarán en Expoquimia.

6 martes junio 2017

Entrevista al consejero delegado y director técnico de Itoplas

Rafa Itoplas

Rafael Berengena: "Nos hemos convertido en Artesanos del Plástico"

29 lunes mayo 2017

Entrevista al consejero delegado de Guzmán Global y nieto del fundador de la compañía

Fidel Garcia Guzman

Fidel García-Guzmán García: "El mercado ibérico del plástico está creciendo"

23 jueves marzo 2017

The best ice-repellent coating invented so far

Glazed frost, is a smooth, transparent and homogeneous ice coating occurring when freezing rain hits a surface. Its effects can be seen in plants but also in Power lines, cars windshields, and aircrafts wings.

23 jueves marzo 2017

Elena Ibáñez: "Foodomics is one of the ways towards personalised nutrition"

Elena Ibañez is a Research Professor at the Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL-CSIC) in Madrid. Her activity includes the development of environmentally clean processes and foodomics, an innovative discipline that studies food and nutrition to improve our health.

23 jueves marzo 2017

Guanidine: an antimicrobial surface coating not only for medical use

A guanidine surface coating for PVC materials has already been proved to be an effective antimicrobial solution in biomedical devices, but its use could even go way beyond that, according to Enrique Rodríguez-Castellón, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Universidad de Málaga and one of the participants in this new development.

23 jueves marzo 2017

Maurits van Tol: "If the EU can set a good common framework for the whole industry, then we can move from a linear to a circular economy"

Maurits van Tol is Senior Vice President of Innovation and Technology of the Borealis Group. He has spent almost 20 years in the chemical industry holding various international managerial roles. He has a a broad experience in leadership positions in R&D and innovation as well as business development and business management.

23 jueves marzo 2017

Recycled plastic: an essential element in an innovative electric generation system

It is common to see solar panels on roofs and even in windows. Now a Hungarian company -Platio- has gone one step further by installing solar panels in sidewalks.

23 jueves marzo 2017

Antonis Mavropoulos: "The plastics industry will be enormously transformed by the 4th industrial revolution"

Antonis Mavropoulos is the founder and CEO of D-Waste and the president of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) He has been involved in solid waste management projects for 20 years. His recent research work deals with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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