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Sustainability, digitization and technology transfer have been the main axes of this edition, full of optimism, which focuses on economic recovery

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01 Activities and Knowledge

Discover the commitment to the future of plastic that we will show you at Equiplast, combining innovation and sustainability to showcase solutions that reduce environmental impact. An unique exhibition of products made of plastic: 100% recycled, from renewable and biodegradable sources. Show us your commitment to a sustainable and circular future!

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Equiplast 2021's most innovative project in the circular economy! This year we will have a pilot plant for recycling HDPE plastic. The project: Recycling and Reuse in Action aims to demonstrate the commitment of the plastics sector to the environment and the circular economy.

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Become an Additive Manufacturing expert in just 6 courses. Immerse yourself in the world of possibilities that Multi Jet Fusion technology offers: introduction to technology, materials, design optimization and after-treatment.

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The Digital X.O Experience area will be a whole experience focused on accelerating the real adoption of new technologies. The meeting point for pioneers in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. 

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TRANSPLAST is the area specialized in the transformation of plastics at EQUIPLAST 2021.


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02 Key Strategies for overcoming the challenges facing the sector


Revolutionary innovations for the market. A world of opportunities for science, industry and capital to dialogue and build development partnerships.

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Focused on developing and bringing together the initiatives that the sector wants to implement here and now in order to provide markets with examples of real solutions.

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Dealing with an Industry 4.0 product is part of the industry's DNA and process optimization. In this area we address the way in which businesses are experiencing the disruption caused by digitalization and their way of adapting to it.

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03 Connect with leading companies

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05 Sustainable Development Goals


"Plastics are at a crossroads at which all their benefits are being overshadowed by the problems caused by their polluting the environment, especially our seas and oceans. Therefore, innovation is now essential to face this new challenge, to develop new technologies in recycling, to create new business models and ultimately to evolve towards a circular and therefore more sustainable economy."
Ignacio Marco, General Director of PlasticsEurope

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