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In this space we want to give visibility to the main protagonists of Equiplast: the companies that form part of the rich ecosystem of the Spanish plastics and rubber industry.

The renewed Equiplast model has aroused the interest of the main companies in the sector, with more than 350 brands confirming their participation seven months before the event is held.

We have collected the opinions of some of these leading companies in the sector that support the project as exhibitors to announce the new features and innovations that will be unveiled at the next edition of the show, from 30 May to 2 June 2023.


Jordi Miró, General Manager of Mircan

What are the characteristics that differentiate Mircan from other companies in the sector?

From its foundation in 1979 to the present day, our aim at Mircan has always been to be a service company, providing added value to both the customer and the company he or she represents. In other words:

1) To share with our partners all our knowledge of the market and the processes of polymer production and further processing

2) To reject the role of a simple forwarder and/or translator of emails from customers to sales reps

3) To take on a proactive role as a technical advisor, proposing solutions to problems and implementing ways to heighten quality and reduce our customers’ operating costs.

Our short and medium term goal is to maintain growth, always ensuring that it is attainable for the team we have. As for the medium and long term, we are committed to accompanying our customers in the complex challenge of sustainability in our industry.

As loyal exhibitors of Equiplast, what do you make of your participation over all these years?

Despite the efforts of the organising team to bring the fair to international markets, Equiplast is and will remain a local fair, where the majority of exhibitors are not manufacturers, but distributors or agents of machinery manufacturers located in other countries. The balance of our previous participations in Equiplast has always been positive, which is why we are coming back in 2023.

What new products do you plan to present?

Among other innovations, we will be presenting the new MAAG gear pump for recycling, which requires no protection filter, as well as the new ECO 1000 filter designed for quality filtration of up to 10 Tn/h of rPET. The new version of DYNISCO’s LMI5500 flow indexer will also be unveiled.

Finally, what can be expected from Equiplast 2023?

On the one hand, we hope to recover the level of visitors of pre-pandemic editions, and on the other, we hope to contribute to alleviating the stigma we have as a polluting industry, an image that some sectors have tried to promote, and to demonstrate that we are not a problem but part of the solution.


Javier Rodríguez, General Manager Gimatic

GIMATIC Iberia has been exhibiting at the EQUIPLAST fair since its founding as a company, back in 2011, seeing it as a unique space to meet with its customers, present its new products and offer its advanced solutions in automated handling.

We believe that those in charge of setting up and running this event have always distinguished us as a driving force that generates technological value and a differentiating factor, a company capable of linking, through its products and services, the production of an injection moulding machine and the high degree of automation that the vast world of robotics possesses.

We always attend this fair with great expectations, knowing the enormous interest it arouses in the sector, hoping to meet our objectives and trying to serve as well as possible all the customers who so kindly visit us.

In all previous participations, our booth has undoubtedly enjoyed a great reception. We like to believe that this is because of the innovative image we project, so it is always a challenge for us to try to surprise such an expert public that visits this fair. For us, it is clearly a fundamental benchmark in our communication plan.


Alejandro Montenegro, Manager Director Rinco Ultrasonics

EQUIPLAST is, without a doubt, one of the most important fairs in the plastic and rubber sector.

In this edition, RINCO ULTRASONICS will present new ultrasound equipment and the recent addition of a laser welding solution.

The group has grown and our subsidiary for the Peninsula is also celebrating, record growth in recent years, we are looking forward to meeting again to share it with everyone.


Marcos Durán, Managing Administrator at Centrotecnica CT Service

Centrotecnica is a company specialized in the marketing and provision of after-sales service for plastic injection machines, plastic extrusion, recycling and pelletizing machines, stretch-blow injection machines for PET, PP, TRITAN, PC, PLA and other thermoplastic materials, low-rev mills, high-production mills, harrowing, specialized in industrial refrigeration, treatment and transport of materials, automatic emptying systems for big bags and octavin, post-sale service, sale of spare parts and specialized technicians, retrofit and updating of machinery injection.

Since 1978, the main manufacturers trust you as distributors of their products in Spain. What are the traits that define Centrotecnica?

– The highest technology at the service of plastic

– Only leading brands. This has been our motto since 1978, thus creating a vital link with our customers, delivering machines of very high quality and durability. This makes us regular suppliers of the main Spanish transformers, not only because of the quality and service of the brands we represent, but also because of the guarantee of direct and permanent contact that we maintain with our clients for any need that arises, without having to to turn to the original manufacturer.

– A highly specialized commercial and technical team advises our clients throughout their production process.

– Ecological awareness, knowledgeable about the plastic value chain, towards the circular economy,… phrases that define our work focused on making all the resources of our clients profitable.

Plastic products play a fundamental role in the daily lives of people around the world. The demand for higher value products, including enhanced functionality, compatibility with special materials, and reduced impact on the environment, has never been more demanding. This means that we have to bring our technology to the stage of evolution in constant development. TO THE NEXT LEVEL, for the Future.

Right now, we are living through difficult times. How is Centrotécnica coping with these uncertain times?

The current situation is being very complicated for everyone. Our company has adapted to the new rules of the game in today’s market. Lack of components, long delivery times, force us to make an additional effort to keep intact the needs of our customers. Stocking of machinery, peripherals and spare parts to minimize delivery times, Retrofit actions in medium-high tonnage machines to reduce energy costs and improve production and PRL, Technology 4.0 for factory connectivity and production improvement, are common tasks that we perform with agility even in current times. The wake of the pandemic, the war in Europe and the policies of our country are a very bad-tasting recipe with which we will have to live for a while longer.

As traditional Equiplast exhibitors, what balance do you make of your participation in the show?

Fairs are complicated in terms of their management, assembly, development and disassembly. We always expect improvements from Fira de Barcelona in terms of contracting stands and, above all, its services, since these require complicated tasks, are financially very expensive and have never been Fira de Barcelona’s strong point. Regarding the exhibition part, we have always been happy with the development of the fair itself. We always hope for the improvement of visitors and alliances with other countries to convince our represented brands of the importance of this fair that, let’s not forget, is international.

What innovations will present in the next edition of Equiplast?

The novelties in terms of machinery will allow us to keep them in attention to our brands. We will dedicate space in our Stand to 3D Printing and 4.0 business connectivity. We have created a highly specialized work group in the plastics market to make a tailor-made suit for companies that work from 2 machines to a park of innumerable production units. An interesting work that will see the light in Equiplast 2,023. The Retrofit of machinery, change of control, installation of servo pumps, unification of controls in the factory, will also have its corner in our stand, since it is being a very important part of our work and above all with an ecological conscience

Finally, what do you expect from Equiplast 2023?

Equiplast is our fair. What we need most is to retain loyalty and reach as many visitors as possible. Equiplast must be the meeting point for plastic in Spain, and this 2023 edition must make a significant leap in quality.