Lead Retrieval

Convert potential customers into business opportunities

Con Lead Retrieval, captura y gestiona tus contactos en tiempo real durante el evento.

What is Lead Retrieval?

Tired of managing your business cards?

Lead Retrieval te permite escanear, hacer seguimiento y obtener información detallada de los visitantes de tu estand y convertirlos en clientes potenciales.
Scan your visitors' passes

Use Lead Retrieval to capture your visitors' passes and obtain detailed information on their profiles. Check and update their contact data: names, companies, places of work, email addresses, etc.

Manage your potential customers

View statistics on your contacts and create reports using different filters. You'll also be able to export them from the website in an Excel file.

Obtain your contacts instantly

Position your rented device close to the visitors' pass and the information will be automatically scanned and transferred to it.

Benefit from the additional services

Lead Retrieval includes tags, documents, surveys and data protection pop-ups. All these elements must be previously configured via the web portal.

How does it work?

A single tool for obtaining and managing your contacts

Mobile scanner

This scans the passes of visitors to the event and turns them into potential contacts. All the information on the scanned contacts is transferred in real time to the cloud, which is accessed via the web portal.

Web portal

This contains the database for your contact management, providing statistics, creating reports using different filters and exporting data in Excel files.

How to start using Lead Retrieval, step by step

Order everything you need
Register and order

Go to Fira Store to contract the Lead retrieval service.


Configure the service

Two weeks before the event you will receive the credentials to access the web portal and configure the tools you will use during the event.

Log in

Your devices

If you have hired rental devices, you can contact us to schedule a day and time for delivery.

For licences, you must download the APP on your own phone.

Contact us

You're ready to scan
Log in to the rented devices or your own phone using your Company Code to start capturing contacts.
For further information and details, download the manual or read through our FAQs.

The Lead Retrieval rent includes:

Access to the web portal via the internet.

Rental of the mobile scanner (a mobile Android device with 4G data connectivity during the whole event, a mobile charger, and the Lead Retrieval app).

In-person customer service during the event at the exhibitor's stand.

Delivery of the Lead Retrieval mobile scanner before the event and collection on the last day (contact us to arrange a time).

Customer service before, during and after the event via email and on the phone.

APP for scanning visitor passes

* Only for telephone rentals


We offer you discounts by volume of purchase

Early Bird

until 01.05.23
Early Bird
  • Small Business 165 €

    1 license

  • Enterprise 395 €

    3 licenses

  • Additional license 85 €

    Only available as complementary to Enterprice edition

  • Device rental (smartphone) + delivery 110 €
  • Loss/Damage Waver for the smartphone 100 €

Normal Price

until 02.06.23
  • Small Business 220 €

    1 license

  • Enterprise 495 €

    3 licenses

  • Additional license 110 €

    Only available as complementary to Enterprice edition

  • Device rental (smartphone) + delivery 120 €
  • Loss/Damage Waver for the smartphone 100 €

If you want to rent 11 devices or more, contact us and ask for your special discount. Place your order in the Exhibitor Area.


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Contact us by phone or send us an email. You can also read through our FAQs and the Terms & Conditions.