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Mateu y Solé, S.A., a firm with over 80 years’ experience in the market, is a manufacturer of machinery for the transformation of thermoplastics with injection systems, extrusion-blow moulding, granulation lines, mills/rippers and a wide range of peripherals for the plastic transformation and recycling industry. A long-standing exhibitor at the event, Mateu y Solé is a Global Sponsor of Equiplast 2023.


Its lengthy track record as a company puts it at the forefront of the Spanish plastics industry. What’s the secret behind your success?

I’d highlight 3 key factors:

The first one, our philosophy of meeting the needs of our customers and providing them with the very best service. That might seem like a cliché, one that every company could come out with, but our mentality as an industrial company enables us to be flexible and adapt to our customers’ needs. The way we work doesn’t involve selling, but rather developing projects tailored to our customers.

The second one is our ability to adapt to the sudden changes that we’ve been witnessing, which has allowed us to survive in the new era.

Last but not least, we have a large team of professionals.

Now that the pandemic has been overcome, we’re witnessing moments of uncertainty due to different factors. How is Mateu y Solé coping with the current situation?

Like many other companies, as well as we can, attempting to face up to all the difficulties we’re encountering; these are often hard to manage because they don’t depend on us, they’re due to the global situation and external factors beyond our control. The only thing we can do, like all other firms, is fight and attempt to overcome them as best we can.

These are times of uncertainty, but also opportunities. Today, more than ever before, we have to be a more creative and imaginative company so as to overcome our difficulties and undertake the new projects that are coming up. One example of the above is the current situation that plastics are undergoing. It’s the moment to make as much use of plastic as possible, which is why opportunities are appearing in the recycling industry. We have to be responsible, and we’re obliged to recycle any plastic waste in order to reintroduce it into industrial processes.

Mateu y Solé is working on this by investing to provide our customers with solutions in the field.

What makes Mateu y Solé different from other companies in the industry?

I’d say that the main difference lies is the experience and know-how that 80 years have given us as manufacturers.

They’ve enabled us to offer solutions and support, deliver turnkey projects and, as a result, build customer loyalty. And, obviously, provide an optimal technical service, a key and essential factor in an industrial sector such as ours.

You’re a classic company at Equiplast, how do you rate your attendance at the fair?

Yes, we’ve attended every Equiplast from the first fair to the current one, including last year, when it was held at the height of the pandemic. We’ve been hooked on the fair since the outset, in view of everything that it’s contributed to us and the industry.

Without going any further, our CEO, Vicente Mateu, has been President of Equiplast for almost 20 years, so it would be hard to be much more committed to it.

Equiplast is the flagship fair for the industry in our country.

Lastly, how do you envisage your presence at Expoquimia 2023?

We’re looking forward to it! We’re really looking forward to it! After the pandemic and the positive results we’ve recorded in the last two years, we hope that Equiplast will break records this year in terms of the attendance of the industry’s professionals, thus helping to reactivate investment and its modernisation.