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The Roegele Group was founded in 1963 by Helmut Roegele and has been a leading supplier of plastics processing machinery ever since. Currently, its general manager is Bernd Roegele

As general manager, what is the main added value of the Roegele Group as a plastics specialist?

60 years of experience in the plastics industry, experienced partners and first-class products. I think we are a good travelling companion for our customers. We offer know-how and advise our customers as plastics engineers, providing solutions to their production needs.

We are living amidst a complicated scenario marked by uncertainty. How is the Roegele Group experiencing this complex period?

As you rightly say, we are going through a time of uncertainty and experiencing a complex scenario, both geopolitically and financially, one fraught with instability. We continue to face problems in the supply chain, rising raw material costs, etc. At Roegele we are working hard in trying to adapt to this situation. But all without losing heart and having a positive outlook toward the future. We are a well-established company and we are using our creativity to face this complex time in which we currently find ourselves.

Given your experience, what is the state of the Spanish plastics industry? And at the international level?

The plastics sector, generally speaking, is basic and fundamental to the economy. I believe there are nearly 60,000 companies in Europe with a turnover of around 350 billion euros. Raw material producers, plastics processors and machine manufacturers are constantly evolving, bringing new and more environmentally sustainable solutions to the table, as well as the circular economy, recycling and Industry 4.0.

We are going through somewhat complicated times and I don’t want to go into further details, but certain populisms are not helping at all. Today, plastics are part of our world and make our lives better, but people need to be educated and made aware to make good use of them, to pick up, manage and recycle.

What are your goals for the future? How do you see the future of the sector?

Our objective for the future remains the same as ever. To help our clients to grow and succeed in their business by providing solutions that make their production profitable: I look favourably on this, as I replied to your previous question.

Finally, what does the Roegele Group expect from Equiplast 2023?

That it may be a complete success!