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The goal of this alliance is to work together with the plastic industry to achieve a more sustainable future.

This partnership, signed by the General Manager of the Spanish Plastics Centre, Marc Monnin, and the Equiplast director, Xavier Pascual, includes collaboration on initiatives to disseminate knowledge about our industry.

On the other hand, the CEP will have a collaborative stand in Equiplast2023, along with de CEPPartners: Bestplant, Chem Trend, Gaiker, ITAINNOVA, Leartiker, Mapex y RDT Ingenieros, among others.

In addition, the CEP will organize multiple networking activities with the fair associated exhibitors: Albis, Alimatic,  AMP Polymix, AGI, Bada, C.Q. Massó, Comindex, Coscollola, Guzman Polymers, Haitian International, Largoiko, Mecasonic, Prime Biopolymers, Promak, Rinco Ultrasonics Spain, Roegele, Plasper, and Wittmann Spain.

They will do the same with their Expoquimia partners: BASF, Biesterfeld, Covestro, Interpolimeri Spain, Quimidroga, Techsolids, and TER Plastics.

Equiplast23 will undoubtedly be the meeting point for de CEPCommunity and their partners, and a good opportunity to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the entity.