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Coscollola Comercial is a Spanish company with a track record going back over 60 years and major operations in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.


Coscollola is a distributor of machinery for the plastics industry. What makes it different from other distributors?

Coscollola is a company that goes back more than 60 years in the market; we provide a global service within the plastics industry in the injection and extrusion areas, delivering turnkey solutions with all the peripheral equipment required for any installation, cold, tempering, pneumatic transport, belts, filters, etc. We therefore have a large engineering department and our own technical service distributed throughout the country.

We’re witnessing a difficult scenario with numerous uncertainties. How is Coscollola Comercial coping?

The situation hasn’t been easy in recent years due to the pandemic; there was also a lot of uncertainty then, but our commitment has always been to stand beside our customers and maintain a close relationship with them, responding to the situations that arise in an appropriate manner. In other words, working from day to day with an eye on the future.

What are your goals for the future? And how do you view the future of the industry?

As I mentioned before, we always remain attentive to the future and, in this respect, our intention is to continue expanding with solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We can see a plastics industry that’s highly geared towards recycling, the circular economy and energy savings; we’re heading in this direction with our engineering and each of our represented companies by offering personalised solutions.

Lastly, you’re regular exhibitors at Equiplast. What do you expect to see at Equiplast 2023?

We expect a large number of visitors with specific projects, while we hope that this year’s event will also provide an opportunity to leave the uncertainties behind and get a glimpse of a much more stable scenario.